Winning the national finals of the Collegiate Inventors Competition was undoubtedly one of the biggest honors we’ve received. The selection for the final round came after a series of application steps and prior art reviews. We were so excited to see the invitations to present to live judges, but were instantly humbled by the experience we were entering into. The prestigious contest is hosted by the US Patent & Trademark in Washington D.C. and is judged by USPTO staff and inductees in the National Inventors Hall of Fame. It was quite nerve racking knowing we would be presenting our idea for the first time to these amazing inventors including: Steve Sasson – digital camera, Spencer Silver – Post-It Note, James West – electret microphone, Robert Willson – plasma display, and Edith Flanigen – molecular sieves.

Winning first place represents an affirmation of the technology our amazing team has poured its hearts into for the last year. We started by outlining a strict criteria for how we envisioned a color FDM 3D printer should function. The systematic approach to tackling the problems behind that criteria followed the scientific method as we systematically and efficiently created the most vibrant color application and color transition with our single-extruder system.

Thank you to our mentors and support for guiding us on the windy road that is a tech startup. And thank you CIC for organizing a truly memorable event.

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