I think we can all agree the 90’s were the best.  While I enjoyed the nerf guns and tomagotchis (RIP), my sister was playing with her Barbies and Easy-Bake oven.  But one of my fondest memories, that brought both family and friends together, was boardgames.  These included Candyland, Clue, Checkers, Yahtzee, Trouble and my favorite: Sorry!  Although not all were debuted in the decade, they will make any 90’s kid nostalgic.

Each of these games came with colorful playing pieces.  I will never forget how frustrating it was, however, when a game piece went missing. Either the dog chewed one up, or a sibling broke one in half.  To compromise, we used other objects around the house, maybe a thumbtack or a nickel.  In a world today where 3D printers are becoming more common, imagine being able to print the necessary piece at your disposal.  Unfortunately, current printers would require you to buy $50 of one color at a time.  So, if you lose a red game piece but have green filament, you are either out of luck or you have to purchase a $50 spool of red filament.  Spectrom allows you to print in a variety of colors and any length of filament. Check out our examples below. What do you think?

Comment your thoughts or let us know what you’d like to see us 3D print in color next!

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