From January 6th through 9th we were in Las Vegas for the amazing CES 2015. The show was huge and it was great to be among the biggest names in the 3D Printing industry. It’s been a long time coming and felt great to finally showcase what we’ve been working on!




It’s a dream of most startups to make it onto the CES show floor. We’ve gained a lot of friends both in the industry and in enthusiasts alike. Seeing people’s faces light up with potential when they saw our full-color 3D Printing system was something that really brought validation to our vision.


Every day we’re working to give people a system that will ultimately allow their ideas to become alive. Full-color¬†will no longer be trapped inside the viewport of a computer. People will be able to bring their ideas to life without spending $50,000+ on a 3D Printer.



Be sure to check out our CES 2015 Reveal video here:

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