From January 6th through 9th we were in Las Vegas for the amazing CES 2015. The show was huge and

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Winning the national finals of the Collegiate Inventors Competition was undoubtedly one of the biggest honors we've received. The selection

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Of all the complexities of a 3D printer, one of the most annoying things is getting the object you are


We're so excited to announce that Spectrom was selected as one of seven undergraduate finalists from throughout the United States.

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Aside from Spectrom, coffee is the next thing we are addicted to at the office. We have a number of

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Have that special someone in your life?  If not: stay strong.  If yes: we all know that flowers are synonymous

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Weekends call for a round of darts. We know that sometimes you hit bullseyes all day, other times you've nearly

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If you’re like me, you talk a mean golf game but in reality your game is flanked by mulligans. You

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I think we can all agree the 90’s were the best.  While I enjoyed the nerf guns and tomagotchis (RIP),

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Hello World! We’ve created this blog to show some of the reasons we’re so excited about 3D printing in full

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