If you’re like me, you talk a mean golf game but in reality your game is flanked by mulligans. You go out and buy the latest and greatest gadgets, hoping they’ll magically change your 63 (on nine holes) to a 38. Let’s be honest, we like to have gadgets to brag about with our friends or at the next corporate event.

Golf tees have been one of these gimmicks used over the years with no greater purpose than to advertise. Recreational golfers have personalized them with their name and corporations have branded their logos on the sides. These tees, however, do not take full advantage of their advertising potential, from which your buddy would drool over at the other side of the tee box or that millions could see on TV.

We didn’t have to look far for the perfect combination: a company that makes customizable 3D printed tees and the Spectrom technology to incorporate color. A fellow Badger, Justin Vannieuwenhoven started Yortee, a custom golf tee business, for this very reason. The customizability and low cost of production allows one-off designs to be produced very quickly and economically. The new tees display messages that would otherwise be impossible to see and also act to fix the tee’s level in the ground. His designs, however, have always required a dual-extrusion 3D printer to switch colors and view the images. Spectrom lets these designs come to life with any single-extruder printer and with one single spool of PLA.

Check out our video below!

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You can check out Yortee and order your own custom tees at:http://jvannieuwenh.wix.com/yortee#!b-bio/cy2g



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    golf tees always be a good decision before you go for golfing right?
    hope we will see more update :)


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