Q How much will it cost?

The chief objective in developing Spectrom has been color accessibility. That means we want everyone to get their hands on color 3D printing and we are targeting a price that encourages all adventurers.


Q Which printers will work with the Spectrom system?

We are currently testing with many different desktop FFF 3D printers, carefully understanding the modifications needed to establish a baseline standard between all the units. Compatibility will be streamlined and certified for a select few machines to start but we plan to continue to support new machines and expand verified compatibility.


Q How many colors can I print in?

As a dye-based system, different colors are created by relative combinations of dye droplets on filament. Having precise control over droplet size, volumetric flow rate and dye concentration, we can change the number of available colors. Our current prototype can accomplish 64 unique colors consistently, however we’re moving to a new application system which will bring the number into the thousands.


Q When will the beta program start?

We are currently busy pushing towards a product that will be stable enough for beta testers to try with their own machines. We have had an enormous response to the program and we are amazed to hear all of the things that the community is excited to use our technology for. Watch out for an announcement in the coming months to see if you’ve been selected.



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