Weekends call for a round of darts. We know that sometimes you hit bullseyes all day, other times you’ve nearly blinded your best friends. Either way, you should be confident with every dart throw that yours is the coolest one. We took our 3D printers and designed the wackiest thing we thought could fly… Then we glued a thumbtack to the top of it.

The wings spiral out and actually affect the way it flies. If spun correctly, we found the wings actually propel the forward motion and straighten out the overall trajectory (counter-clockwise spin if you’re right-handed). Also, we think this is the first dart design that can be tossed underhand or launched in a javelin-like motion (watch the video to learn more about this complex maneuver). We even used Spectrom to know whose darts were whose!

What kind of design can you come up with? Can you make a massive dart that flies like an eagle? What about a magnetic tip that hits the bullseye every time? 3D printing will let you create, test and iterate… Hey! We may have a new sport on our hands!

Try our file then make your own:
(This is the left-handed dart, just reflect it in your slicing program to get the right-handed model.)

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