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We’ve created this blog to show some of the reasons we’re so excited about 3D printing in full color. Being from Wisconsin, our first example had to be the intersection of 3D printing and fishing. (Who knew there was one)

Fishing lures seemed a great place to start. Lures are designed to attract a fish through their movements in the water, their size and their color. The best lure for a given situation changes based on the weather, type of fish and time of day or year. For example, brighter colors stand out on a gloomy day and dark lures can be effective when fishing in clear, bright waters. Specific colors, such as red, can be used to imitate the gills of a fish. Using these choices strategically is the difference between a proud Instagram post of your new catch and a sad day with your hands empty.
We used Spectrom to make some custom-colored jointed fishing lures for our buddy Alex, an avid fisher. He was really excited to see us match his color requirements and lure size. He says he’s bought over 100 lures, all varying colors and shapes to find the right combination. He loved the ability to think of a new lure design and color scheme and test it right away in the water.
We took our designs out for a test in Monona Bay but unfortunately only caught seaweed… The lures tended to move like distant relatives of a professional Rapala lure – unpredictable and torpedo-like, rather than smooth and steady.  The hardware we used to connect the body pieces also didn’t help our case. They turned out to be too heavy and bulky. We did not realize the importance of aligning the eye-hooks and making sure all was centered. This was a large factor in the random movements observed. We are looking forward to making improvements to the design based on what we observed today and hopefully returning to the Monona Bay as champions. We will also try incorporating a 3D printed chain between the body and tail, rather than rely on heavy metal hardware.

We hope you’ll try out the design and suggest/upload your own improvements!

The Spectrom Team

Printer Used: Printrbot Plus V2
Extruder temp = 200ºC
Bed temp = 85ºC
Layer Height = 0.3 mm
Jointed Bait – http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:25437
Frog – http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:106193

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