Aside from Spectrom, coffee is the next thing we are addicted to at the office. We have a number of coffee mugs to account for every member of the team.  Unfortunately this takes up a lot of room and we decided to find a way to be more space efficient by creating personalized coffee mug holders.  Each person made a holder with their initial and favorite color.  This has saved space and given a little



Have that special someone in your life?  If not: stay strong.  If yes: we all know that flowers are synonymous with “I love you” or, more sometimes: “I’m sorry.”  They also help to spruce up any area.  We have made full color, 3D printed flowers to bring some life into the office which has slowly transformed from a chemistry lab to grandma's garage.  If you ask me, they look great and are way better than the

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Weekends call for a round of darts. We know that sometimes you hit bullseyes all day, other times you've nearly blinded your best friends. Either way, you should be confident with every dart throw that yours is the coolest one. We took our 3D printers and designed the wackiest thing we thought could fly... Then we glued a thumbtack to the top of it. The wings spiral out and actually affect the way it flies.