I think we can all agree the 90’s were the best.  While I enjoyed the nerf guns and tomagotchis (RIP), my sister was playing with her Barbies and Easy-Bake oven.  But one of my fondest memories, that brought both family and friends together, was boardgames.  These included Candyland, Clue, Checkers, Yahtzee, Trouble and my favorite: Sorry!  Although not all were debuted in the decade, they will make any 90’s kid nostalgic. Each of these games


Holding up a sinker

Hello World! We’ve created this blog to show some of the reasons we’re so excited about 3D printing in full color. Being from Wisconsin, our first example had to be the intersection of 3D printing and fishing. (Who knew there was one) Fishing lures seemed a great place to start. Lures are designed to attract a fish through their movements in the water, their size and their color. The best lure for a given situation