We are the color 3D printing pioneers

We have used engineering and analytical research to create the first true full color FDM 3D printer that can sit on your desktop. The technology we’ve created allows us to accomplish our three-fold vision:



FULL COLORPixel-by-pixel resolution

A sturdy FDM printing process capable of instant, on-demand color switches without intervention. The high resolution and beautiful color saturation allow you to print detailed models in a way you never could before.




Our software gives you the virtual paintbrush to add color exactly the way you want it. Accessibility is our goal in creating the interface that lets you simply paint and walk away.



SEAMLESS INTEGRATIONWith current 3D printer architecture

Spectrom works seamlessly with existing printer architecture, meaning print speeds are incredibly quick while retaining surface quality and finish. All at an unbelievably low price.


Bring Your Assemblies To Life

Show your designs the way they were meant to be seen by using color to accent components in your model. Our open-source software makes it easier than ever to import every part of an assembly and apply color with just a few clicks. The intrinsic details just became so much clearer, effortlessly.



Visual Version Control

Version control issues have plagued anyone working with prototypes of physical models. By selectively using color, you can immediately identify which iteration that part came from. Our software lets you decide the color gradients you want to use over versions, and whether you want the whole part colored, just a section or if you just want to highlight words describing your version. It’s never been easier to see the evolution of an idea.

CES Unveil Video

CNN Money
3D Printing Industry
Collegiate Inventors Competition
  • “Such progress would equate to what would likely be the single most important FFF discovery since FFF technology was invented itself. […] We are excited for what the future may hold!”

    3D Print
  • “The biggest hurdle to bringing full-color desktop 3D printing to all is really a software problem, and a Madison, Wis., startup believes it is close to a solution.”

  • “[Spectrom] is trying to solve another problem: how to get 3D printers to print in full color at a price point accessible to the mass market.”

  • “Typically you’d have to use a much more expensive color-capable 3D printer costing perhaps tens of thousands of USD$.”

  • “[Spectrom] wowed attendees with their fascinating, potentially breakthrough, 3D printing device. […] If the company really can deliver on full-color printing for low-cost machines, they will certainly become big quite fast.”

    3D Printing Industry
  •  “For the moment, if you really need a system capable of producing fully colored objects, you’ll have to pay for the privilege. That may be changing.”

    Desktop Engineering

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